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Registering more than 3,000 licenses and vehicles daily.

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The Clerk and Recorder’s Office provides crucial services for many of life’s most important occasions. The Clerk and Recorder’s Office is responsible for recording deeds, marriage licenses, issuing passports, titling and registering automobiles, issuing driver's licenses, registering voters, administering elections and maintaining records for the Board of County Commissioners.


Important Information

I've worked for the County Clerk's office for twelve years and have been cross trained in every department for the office. I see the changes that are desperately needed on a daily basis. I want to make Arapahoe County a model in efficiency and cost savings. The problem has always been the elected officials who have no reason to initiate change in an office they actually know very little about.

I believe I am uniquely qualified for this position due to my 12 years of service in this office.

Campaign Objectives

Joan Lopez

There comes a time when a person either accepts the situation and knows that they can do nothing about that part of their lives, or they actually act on it and do something. I have seen all the changes that are desperately needed and could not be a by-stander any longer. I want to make a difference in peoples lives by making transactions simple and clear, so we can all move to a better work environment , a better establishment, and a better government. I want the citizens to know that I am not a politician. I am the person that works on your problem and fixes it. If you have lived in Arapahoe County for a number of years, I've probably helped you. I want to keep helping the citizens of Arapahoe County, by making the changes that are needed.

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Employee Training

I want all employees to be able to step into any job position, and feel as comfortable as I do. I think it's important that a customer can get the answers from any employee, rather than hearing. “That's not my department” or “I have no idea.” I hear that too often these days. There is no such thing as “that's not my job.” If you don't know, find out who does and do what you can so people are not frustrated and completely disgusted with the customer service we provide. The Arapahoe County Clerks office, has a lot of different transactions we provide, our citizens and all employees need to work together to fill the gap. Customer service is important. I want it to be as important as their paycheck. I care about what the Arapahoe County citizens needs and wants. It should be a smooth process with a friendly smile. This is why cross training is imperative.

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Job Education

We all need an open door to the knowledge and functions of the Arapahoe County Clerks office. Employees should be able to step into any position when needed. The plan is to switch it up. I once had a boss that had you move to each department every six months, so you were familiar with all areas of his company. Mixing it up was the key. The job was never mundane. I worked there for almost three years and I have to say, it worked. The customers were happy, the employees were happy, and the business is still, to this day successful. This also helps in finding each employee's strengths and where to place them.

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Citizens of Arapahoe County

I am not just an employee of Arapahoe County I am a resident, I am one of you. I want to build a better office for the citizens of Arapahoe County. Together we can build a customer friendly, knowledgeable, efficient office. Your help is important. Vote for Joan lopez for your next Arapahoe County clerk, so we can move forward to a better Arapahoe County.

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Political Candidate Biography


"The Knowledge and experience
to get things done."

Joan Lopez is a native of Colorado and graduated right here, in Arapahoe County from Englewood High. She has an Associates of Arts Degree from CCD and attended UCD for two years.

She currently works for Arapahoe County government and has, for twelve years. Joan has a strong love for people and family.

She is a dedicated wife and mother, married to Gary McCarty for nine years. She is a proud mother of two beautiful kids Sarah 6 and step son Joshua 25. Joan currently lives in Centennial Colorado, and has lived in Arapahoe County for over 27 years, Joan wants to make a difference in Arapahoe County and has a new clean vision for Arapahoe County. She wants to make sure the county changes for the better and wants to work hard to make Arapahoe county stronger and better. Let the person that knows Arapahoe County lead Arapahoe County.


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    Allison Vail said:

    "Something as simple as putting the injured, handicapped or elderly first should be a no-brainier "

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    Warren and Mary Williams said:

    "It became obvious to us that Ms. Lopez was one of the stars in the D M V Centennial office. "

  • Sharimageon said:

    "Your the right person for the job I'm voting for you in 2014. help . "

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    A.Sen. said:

    "How my life could have turned upside down, if Ms. Lopez did not go above and beyond to solve my problem. I am grateful to her to be in the true service mode "

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